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Membership Information

Membership Flyer 2023

To become a member please e-mail us for further information. Membership is open to individuals as well as organisations.

You can view the benefits of membership flyer here… Membership Flyer 2023


Levels of Membership (reviewed March 2023)

Platinum Telco Companies Restricted to UK-based Telecommunications Companies.  £5000 per annum + VAT
Gold Industry Related Companies Open to companies who service the Telco sector within the UK.  £2750 per annum + VAT
Silver SME Open to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs with less than £5m turnover per annum). £1700 per annum + VAT
Bronze Individual, Private Open to individuals not resident in UK and also to private individuals not directly employed or associated with the UK telecommunications industry or related industries. (This level of membership is no longer available to new applicants) £85 per annum + VAT