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20th October 2021

Phone-paid Services Authority’s code of practice for regulating premium rate services

Regulation of phone-paid services has been based on a Code for over 30 years. There have been no less than 14 versions in that time, providing a framework for guiding the behaviours and practices of the industry.
The PSA exists to protect consumers – and we believe that a healthy market backed by clear regulation with providers conforming to best practice is the best protection that there can be.
Too often in the past we have addressed issues after they have occurred rather than being able to prevent harm in the first place. So in 2019 we set out our intention to regulate the phone-paid services market differently and embarked on a radical review of our regulatory framework. While outcomes-based regulation had served us well for more than a decade, that review has led to the new approach set out in this 15th Code. Statement on the PSA Code of Practice can be found here.

PSA Annual Market Review 2019 -2020 & Code 15 Development Update

11 June 2020

The Phone-paid Services Authority (PSA) has fined and banned Salvatet Inversiones SL from the market, after it committed four very serious breaches of regulation.  Click here for full Tribunal result

28th November 2019

TUFF’s response to the PSA Re-consultation on Signposting Services (ICSS)