About Us – Telecommunications UK Fraud Forum

About Us


Telecommunications fraud and crime impact on all aspects of modern day life and the aim of the Forum is to mitigate any attempts to defraud our members, as well as their customers, through creating a Forum of Trust where information and techniques on the abuse of communications can be shared within a trusted  environment .

TUFF is a membership forum providing a platform through which members can share expertise and experience so as to be better equipped to counter the challenges of modern day telecommunications fraud and crime.

Members are drawn from the UK telecom industry as well as other like minded organisations and regulatory bodies.

TUFF members work closely with law enforcement, Regulators and other like minded organisations in the daily battle to minimize the impact of fraud and crime on members and their customers.

TUFF is a Specified Anti Fraud Organisation (SAFO) under section 68 of the Serious Crime Act 2007.