Apology – CommsRisk


 Statement is made on behalf of TUFF

On the 11th March it was drawn to the attention of TUFF that content on the TUFF web site, specifically a posting under the heading “Cogitatio Exasperans”, contained an article taken from another web site which, although crediting its author, had been copied without the permission of that author.

TUFF has taken immediate action to remove the article and will carry out a review to ensure nothing else on the web site contains unauthorised material.

TUFF will also undertake a review of its training materials to ensure that intellectual property rights are included in any future training as well as when choosing material for inclusion on the website.

TUFF would like to thank Eric Priezkalns for bringing this matter to their attention and would like to apologise to Eric Priezkalns for any harm or distress caused by this action.

Eric’s web site is at www.commsrisk.com